How to Unlock a Vodafone SIM Card

By Paul Dohrman

Your subscriber identity module (SIM) chip will likely be locked when you first receive it from Vodafone. You will receive a PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) along with the SIM to unblock it. A blocked SIM means that the SIM is blocked from letting through calls. Note that this is different from a lock phone, which won't let you swap in a different carrier's SIM and therefore switch networks.

Things You'll Need

  • PIN Unblocking Key (PUK)

Step 1

Enter the PUK that came with your SIM, when your phone prompts for the PUK. You may have to enter the PIN afterward.

Step 2

Try 0000 and 1234 as possible factory defaults, if you can't remember yours or don't have one.

Step 3

Contact your local Vodafone customer service center if you never received a PUK or if Step 1 and Step 2 didn't work. Typically, the phone can still call customer service and emergency numbers even when it is locked.

Tips & Warnings

  • A SIM can also be locked from entering in the PUK wrong too many times. 10 and 3 are common limits. So don't try a guessed number repeatedly.
  • Don't confuse the PUK with the PIN2 or the PUK2. The PIN2 unlocks select features on the SIM chip. The PUK2 allows you to unlock a locked PIN2 code.