How to Remove the Administrator Password

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Protecting the data stored on your computer system should be an important priority for any computer user. Windows Vista allows you to easily safeguard your stored information by creating a secret password to prevent unauthorized users from gaining entry into it. Despite its usefulness, you can also remove the administrator password on your computer and allow anyone access. With a few tips, you'll soon learn how to remove the administrator password.

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Step 1

Open the "Control Panel" on your Windows Vista computer system. This area can be quickly accessed by clicking the "Start" button located at the bottom of the left side of your computer screen. A list of options will be immediately presented for you to choose from. View the listed choices, and look for the "User Accounts" icon on the "Control Panel" page.

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Step 2

Click the "User Accounts" icon to access the settings for removing the administrator password on your Windows Vista computer system. Under the "Make Changes to Your User Account" section, choose the "Remove Your Password" link. Once you're directed to the next page, you'll need to enter your current password before you can entirely remove the assigned password from the account.

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Step 3

Select the "Remove Password" button located at the right side of the page. Within a few short seconds, the previously assigned password for your computer system will be completely removed. Taking the password requirement off your computer system will give virtually anyone access to your stored files. Since there's no initial password request to log onto your computer, it will be fully exposed to anyone who wants to use it.

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Step 4

Open each additional individual user account, and remove the assigned password that has been associated with each account. Repeat the process on every user account by choosing to remove the password from your computer system. This can be quickly done by selecting the "Remove Password" link. Type in the existing password for the account, and then click the "Remove Password" button to complete the process.

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Step 5

Close the "User Accounts" page, and reboot your computer system to get a fresh start. Once your computer system has fully come on, it will no longer prompt you to enter a password to gain full access to it. If there are more than one user accounts on your computer system, you'll be directed to the "Welcome Screen" to select one. With only one user account on a computer system, it should automatically load up your standard desktop and applications without the need to click onto the account.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Vista operating system

  • Computer

  • Existing administrator password

  • User account


Don't remove the administrator password on a public or shared computer system. Avoid accessing a public Wi-Fi Internet connection without an administrator password on your computer system.