How to Repair a Corrupt .Wav File

Files become corrupt for various reasons; usually, an unexpected computer shutdown or software error causes file corruptions. A .wav file is an audio file, short for "waveform audio file." It was first introduced by Microsoft for the Windows 3.1 operating system. The .wav file is known for its excellent audio quality and large file size. There are numerous free audio-editing software programs that can play, manage, edit, and, in some cases, repair corrupt .wav files.

Use software to repair a corrupted .wav file.

Determine If the .Wav File Is Damaged

Step 1

Locate the .wav file. Right-click the file. In the menu that appears, select "Properties."

Step 2

Select the "Details" tab.

Step 3

Check for information in the Details pane. If information is missing, the file is corrupted.

Repair the .Wav File

Step 1

Open your audio-editing software program.

Step 2

Open the .wav file you want to repair as a "RAW" file.

Step 3

Save the file in the .wav format.

Step 4

Close the audio-editing software.

Step 5

Play the .wav file to ensure that the repair and conversion was completed.