How to Repair iTunes on My Computer

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ITunes is a free application from Apple Inc. used to download, manage and play music files. The program is also used to sync music to portable media devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad. ITunes can become corrupt due to software conflict or missing files. With a corrupt install of iTunes, the program won't launch correctly or at all. A repair install is needed to restore important files of the program and ensure it works properly. Windows computers come with a built-in repair tool for programs.


Step 1

Exit out of iTunes if it is currently running. Click "File" from the top menu and click "Exit."

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Step 2

Click "Start" from the bottom-left of the screen. Click "Control Panel." Click "Uninstall a program" under "Programs" in the Control Panel.


Step 3

Click "iTunes" from the list of programs.

Step 4

Click "Repair" from the top menu.


Step 5

Click "Repair" again to confirm the repair. A window launches indicating the process of the repair.

Step 6

Click "OK" when the repair is finished. Your computer will then reboot with iTunes repaired.

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