How to Reprogram a Smart Phone

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Reprogram a smart phone easily with a sync.

Smart phones, such as a BlackBerry, iPhone or Droid, do so much more than allow you to make phone calls or send text messages. Due to advancements in technology, smart phones have given cellular users the ability to browse the Internet, stream free radio, check the stock market, translate languages and more. According to Microsoft, regularly performing a sync, or backup, of your smart phone is important. Syncing a phone with a computer will allow you to easily access your music, photos, contacts and email when needed. If your phone's memory becomes deleted, you can easily reprogram the phone and restore all of your data and settings.


Step 1

Turn on your cell phone and computer.

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Step 2

Connect the smart phone to your computer using a USB cable. The USB cable is supplied with the phone at the time of purchase. If you have lost or damaged your USB cable, you can purchase a replacement at your local cellular retailer or an electronics store.


Step 3

Choose which items you would like to sync to your smart phone. For example, you can choose to restore and reprogram only your music or contacts, or you can choose to reprogram the entire contents of the phone. You will either need to use syncing software, available for download through websites such as Microsoft, or sync to websites (such as iTunes) for the iPhone.



Step 4

Click "sync" on your computer screen once you have selected the items you will restore to your phone. The sync process takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of data you are reprogramming. The data previously saved to your computer will now be reprogrammed to your cell phone. If you have a lot of pictures, music or applications, the process will take longer.


Step 5

Disconnect the phone from your computer upon completion. Do not disconnect during the sync or your data will not be reprogrammed in its entirety. At this time, you can verify the contents of your phone have been reprogrammed.



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