How to Reset a DIRECTV Remote

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How to Reset a DIRECTV Remote
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If you are having problems with your remote, learning to unprogram your DirecTV remote can save you a lot of trouble. You don't need to phone AT&T to cancel your service or take any other extreme steps. Resetting your remote or the receiver can probably get your service back up and running like it was before. Even if a reset doesn't work, other issues could be affecting your remote, and many of these can be fixed without resorting to calling the AT&T cancellation number. Learn how to reset your remote before trying any of the more extreme potential solutions.

Resetting the Receiver

Every DirecTV receiver has a small reset button, and pressing it might get your remote working again without having to perform complicated tasks. The reset button is usually inside the card access door on the front of the device. Look for a small red button and press it to reset the receiver and see if this rectifies the problem.

If you can't find the reset button behind the card access door, it may be located on the side of the receiver unit. Look on both sides for the small red button.

If you can't find any reset button on your box, you can achieve the same basic effect by unplugging the receiver from the power outlet. Wait 15 seconds or so before plugging it back in. Check to see if this rectifies the problem with your remote.

Resetting the Remote Via Receiver

If your receiver is working, you can use the buttons on the device itself to unprogram your DirecTV remote without using the code for the remote itself. Press the Menu button and then use the arrow keys to navigate to Settings & Help before pressing Select.

Use the arrow keys to highlight the Settings option and then press Select again to confirm. With the arrow keys again, navigate down to Remote Control and press Select again. This takes you to the page you need, so highlight Reset Remote and press Select to confirm. The process is usually automatic, but depending on your specific setup, you might have to enter codes into your remote to fix the problem.

This is the whole process, but if you can't access your receiver or the buttons on the front panel aren't working for some reason, you can do this via the remote itself.

Unprogram DirecTV Remote With Handset

The process for resetting your DirecTV remote on the remote itself is straightforward, so you can do this if you prefer or if you can't access your box. First, press and hold the Select and Mute buttons on the remote until the light flashes three times. Now press 9, 8, 1 and Select to confirm. The remote light will flash four times if this is done correctly.

The keys 9, 8 and 1 can be pressed sequentially, but it also works if you press all of the keys at the same time. If the light doesn't flash four times when you're done, you can always try again, pressing them one at a time or together.

Test the remote to ensure the reset process has completed properly. If it hasn't, there is a chance you'll need to get further help or a new remote.

Other DirecTV Remote Issues

Your problems with the remote might be related to something simple that doesn't require a reset, and this is worth checking before giving up. Check the batteries by pressing and holding any button. The light between the On and Off buttons will light up, with a solid green light meaning you have plenty of battery life, a quickly blinking green light means your batteries have an average remaining charge, and a slowly blinking or not blinking light means you need to replace them.

Also, check that nothing is impeding the signal that travels from your remote to the receiver. Check for a buildup of dust, a tempered glass door on your entertainment system or anything directly blocking the signal path.