How to Reset a DIRECTV Remote

By Julius Vandersteen

The DIRECTV satellite television system delivers more than 285 channels, of which 160 are in HD, as are most sporting events. You can access the newest movie releases, many before they become available through DVD rental services. DIRECTV also delivers more than 4,000 shows and movies instantly on demand. The service includes a DVR to record your shows and movies, which you program with a remote control. If the remote control has a problem, you can easily reset it.

Step 1

Point the DIRECTV remote control away from the receiver and components.

Step 2

Press the “Select” and “Mute” buttons simultaneously and continue to hold them until the light on the remote flashes twice.

Step 3

Press “9,” “8” and “1” in sequence with the number keys on the DIRECTV remote. The light on the remote will flash two times, signaling that all of its functions are now reset to the factory default settings.