How to Reset Epson Printers

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You can reset your Epson printer.

Epson printers have a predetermined limit on the number of print jobs they can perform before shutting down for maintenance. Once the limit has been reached, a warning light flashes and a message that your printer requires maintenance appears. When your printer reaches this number of jobs, you must reset the internal counter to zero to continue using the printer.


Step 1

Download the SSC Service Utility program for Epson printers. It available free at a number of websites. The program allows you to reset the protection counter (essentially beginning again from zero jobs).

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Step 2

Click on the file and select "Unzip" or "Unpack" to open the file. Double click on the "Set Up File" to install the software.


Step 3

Select the "Start" button from your desktop. Click on "Program Files." Find "SSC Service Utility" and double click it to open the program. Click on the configuration tab and select your printer from the list of available printers. Quit the program. The icon for this program should show up as a small printer icon in your "Task Bar" on your desktop.



Step 4

Click on the program icon in your "Task Bar." Click "Protection Counter" from the list of options. Click "Reset Protection Counter" to reset the printer. If you continued printing past the printer warnings requiring maintenance, you may have been locked out. In this case, instead of selecting "Protection Counter," select "Extra" from the list of options under the program icon. Select "Soft Reset." This gets rid of the lock out. Select "Protection Counter" and "Reset Protection Counter" to reset your printer.



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