How to Restore Facebook to Old Style

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Facebook recently changed the information it provides on the News Feed. Many people like the old facebook style of News Feed. It didn't try to control the information you received and was generally more friendly. These simple steps will restore it to the old, lovable facebook.


Step 1

From the menu on the top left (the one with News Feed, Pages, etc.) Click on the word "more" at the bottom. This will provide all the possible views that you could have.

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Step 2

One of the options will be "Status Updates." Click on it and drag it to the top of the list.


Step 3

Now that it is at the top, click on it and you will have your old facebook style restored.

Step 4

If you want to return to the new style - repeat the above steps except move "News Feed" instead of "Status Updates."

Step 5

You can now control the type of applications and the people you want to see on your News Feed just like you did before the recent update.