How to Rotate Images in Dreamweaver CS5

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As part of the Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver CS5 lets you build your own Web pages, adding images to capture visitors' attention and help them linger longer on your page. In some cases, though, you have to get a little creative with the Creative Suite to work around some of Dreamweaver's limitations. Dreamweaver does not have the capability to rotate images, for example, but using any graphics design software, including a CS5 partner component, will have you "angling" properly in no time.


Step 1

Open Dreamweaver CS5. Click the "Open" link on the splash screen and navigate to the Web page with the image to rotate. Double-click the file name.

Step 2

Scroll to the picture you want to rotate and click it. If the Property Inspector is not already open at the bottom of the screen, click it to open it. Review the Src text box, which tells you the image file name. Close Dreamweaver.

Step 3

Open a graphics editor, such as Dreamweaver's CS5 Creative Suite partner component, Photoshop. Open the image in the graphics editor.


Step 4

Rotate the image in the graphics editor. In Photoshop, for example, this involves clicking the "Select" menu and clicking "All." Click the "Edit" menu, select "Transform," click "Rotate" and twirl the image to your preferred angle.

Step 5

Save the image with the exact same file name in the exact same Dreamweaver source location. Close the graphics program.

Step 6

Reopen Dreamweaver. The name of the page should be listed under the Open a Recent Item section on the splash screen. Click the file name.


Step 7

Review the page, which should have the image now rotated, since Dreamweaver opens from its source file. If the picture is not rotated, right-click the image and select "Source File." Browse to the rotated image and double-click it.

Step 8

Click the "File" menu. Click "Save As." Enter a new name for the changed Dreamweaver page and click "Save" to preserve the original page or just click the "Save" button to overwrite the existing page.