How to Save a Photo As an .SCR File

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Make your photo an SCR file

When we come upon that perfect image that we want to see hundreds of times a day, whether it be a child, spouse or a ridiculously cute puppy, we want to turn it into a screensaver. An SCR file is a screensaver file for Windows that runs as an executable file when opened. If you wish to save a photo as an SCR file, there are several conversion options available. Windows does not have native SCR creation software, but it can make a screensaver for your computer if that is all you need.


Step 1

Download your photo files to your computer from your digital camera. For the sake of convenience, move the photos you want to use for your screensaver to a specific folder.

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Step 2

Create an SCR file by downloading a demo or free trial edition of a screensaver creation tool (see Resources). If you simply want to create a screensaver for your own viewing, skip to step 5.


Step 3

Install and open your SCR creation tool. Create a new project and begin adding the photo or photos you would like to be a part of your screensaver file. Simply import photos and position them as you would like in your sequence.

Step 4

Add any transition effects you would like, as each of the programs listed have over 100 effects that you can enhance your screensavers with. Save your project as an SCR file by clicking on File and then Save. You can run your screensaver at any time by double clicking its icon.



Step 5

Open the "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu, then click "Personalization" > "Screen Saver" > "Photos" > "Browse," and then select the folder of your downloaded photos. This will create a screensaver from your photos of choice.