How to Search For Friends On Facebook

By Techwalla Contributor

It can be a lot of fun to search for friends on Facebook. You can also find classmates on Face book. Read on to find out how to find them and some tips on navigating the site.

Step 1

To search for friends on Facebook, go to the Website and register. Choose a user name and password. Spend a few minutes setting up your profile briefly for now. After you are registered, spend a few minutes navigating the site to familiarize yourself with the site. This is a fun site and very easy to navigate. You will be surprised at how many people you know are members.

Step 2

To search for friends on Facebook, you have a few options. You can type in your high school and year you graduated. The site will bring up everyone (who is registered) with that same high school and year. Secondly, to find old friends you can put in the first and last name of the person. The third way to find friends on Facebook is by their email address. Facebook also gives you an option to email your friends from your email address book to send them an invitation to join Facebook.

Step 3

After you have navigated the site a bit, you should put a picture in your profile and maybe a few in your photo albums. Fill in the information you are comfortable submitting and that you would like your friends to see.

Step 4

Once you have chosen the way to search for friends at Facebook, you can send a friend request to that person or group of people. It's always nice to send a quick email message. Your recipients will be sent an invitation to be your friend and they must accept in order for you to view their profile or to view yours.

Step 5

Once you build up your list of friends, you will begin to use the features on Facebook. There is an instant message feature. There's lots of room for photos. There is a place for links, for articles or websites. You can record video. Most of all, you can catch up and keep up with all your old friends on Facebook.

Tips & Warnings

  • Create a profile that will give your friends an idea of who you are.
  • This site is free!

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