How to Search For Friends On Facebook

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It can be a lot of fun to search for friends on Facebook. Contacting friends from the past or relatives you rarely see is a big part of the charm of the website. Once you contact a past or current acquaintance and add him to your friends list, you receive status updates for that person on your Facebook wall, and he sees your status updates.

Step 1

To search for friends on Facebook, go to the Facebook website and register. Choose a user name and password and set up your profile. Spend a few minutes navigating the site to familiarize yourself with it. This fun site is easy to navigate. You will be surprised at how many people you know who are members.


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Step 2

To search for friends on Facebook, start by typing in your high school or college and year you graduated. The site brings up everyone who is registered with that same school and year. You can also enter the names of old friends into the search box at the top of any Facebook page. Facebook gives you an option to email your friends from your email address book to send them invitations to join Facebook.

Step 3

After you have navigated the site a bit, put a picture in your profile and a few in your photo albums. If you are married, enter your maiden name, to help old friends find you. Fill in the information you are comfortable submitting and that you would like your friends to see.



Step 4

Once you have chosen the way to search for friends at Facebook, send a friend request to any person or group of people you recognize. When a person receives an invitation to be your friend, he must accept for you to view his profile or for him to view yours.

Step 5

Once you build up your list of friends, you will begin to use the features on Facebook. There is an instant message feature and lots of room for photos. You can link to articles or websites or attach a video. Most of all, you can catch up and keep up with all your old friends on Facebook.


Create a profile that gives your Facebook friends an idea of who you are.



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