How to Search for Someone Internationally

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Executing an international search for a person is no easy task. The digital world makes the process easier as people tend to record and publicly share their travels, but tracking someone down to a point of contact is difficult, especially if the person is frequently on the move. The big question when executing an international search is whether that individual wants to be found. A person who is not interested in being found or maintaining a public footprint is more difficult to locate than someone who maintains contact.


Search services are a great start to find someone internationally. Run a quick web search, and you will find a host of these services. They compile public address and phone records across the globe and yield results if the person has a registered address or phone on the books. If the person is traveling and does not have a semi-permanent or permanent international address, paying for a records search is not a viable option. The only alternative here is finding someone they are staying with who does have an address listed.


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Friend and Family Network

The quickest route to locating someone with low digital visibility is through their trusted network of friends and family. Make direct contact with the people in regular communication with your search subject, and they may give you a direct phone number or email. These people are also likely to protect their international friend, and you must first explain your purpose for contact and make a convincing case for finding that person.

Employer Contact

Does your search subject have an employer? If so, you may be able to find a company email address. The company is not likely to share personal information, but a company email account is an excellent means of making contact and finding someone internationally. Email knows no boundaries, and most people check their accounts with some regularity, especially work accounts. You can ask directly, pose as a business contact, or use an email finder extension for a web browser in conjunction with the company website to find the address. Once you find an address, make contact to ask where the person you seek is located.


When you search for someone internationally, always start with a digital search. Check social profiles to help guide your search. Facebook and Instagram are both good bets. If the person you are looking for has an active account, you can send a message directly through the account to make contact. While you can't secure a phone number or address unless the person volunteers a response for that information, you have good odds of locating your search subject and making contact in short order.