How to Send a Blank SMS

Text messaging has become a major part of communication in the 21st century, with cellular phones increasingly equipped just as fully for texting as they are for voice calls. Sometimes, however, less is more with a text message. If you simply want to send a text message to see if it goes through, without any text appearing, most phones require that you enter a blank space before they will send the message.

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Send a blank text message with your cellular phone.


Open up your phone's "Messaging" menu and select "New Message." Choose a recipient for your message, or if your phone requires you to enter a message before choosing recipients, press "Next."


Press the key your phone uses for "Space." On some phones, this is "0," whereas others have their own "Space" or "Space Bar'' key.


Press "Next" or "Send" to send your blank text message. If your phone requires you to confirm the message before sending, press "OK."

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