How to Send a PDF File to a Mobile Device

By Carmen S. Jones

Sending a PDF file to a mobile device is possible. The mobile device has to have Internet or email capabilities in order to receive the PDF file, usually a smart phone has this option available. Depending upon where the PDF file is located, you can send it as an email from your cell phone or an email from your computer.

Send PDF File From Cell Phone

Step 1

Locate the PDF file you wish to send on your cell phone.

Step 2

Click the "Send" icon on the screen and select "Email." An email message screen will load with the PDF file attached.

Step 3

Type the recipient's email address and the email message. Click "Send" when complete.

Email PDF File From Comupter

Step 1

Open your email account on your computer. Click on the icon "Write New Email."

Step 2

Type the recipient's email address for his cell phone It will be the 10-digit cell number followed by the proper way to address the email according to the wireless carrier. For example, if the recipient has AT&T, you would enter the number followed by (

Step 3

Type the message into the email field not exceeding 160 characters.

Step 4

Click the browse button or paperclip on the email screen. Search for the PDF file on your computer.

Step 5

Click the file once found. It will load as an attachment into the email. Click "Send" when complete. The email, along with the attached PDF file, will arrive as a text message to the recipient's mobile device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Menu selections may vary from device to device.