How to Send Favorites List Through Email

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"Favorites" refers to websites that you have chosen to be stored in a list in Internet Explorer. The favorites list is also sometimes referred to as bookmarks. This allows you to easily navigate back to websites that you use often or want to visit again. The favorites list is accessible from within Explorer and from your hard drive folders. You can share your favorites list with others by printing, e-mailing or posting it on a website.

From Favorites File

Step 1

Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. It looks like a circle with a red, green, blue and yellow window in it.

Step 2

Type "favorites" in the white box at the bottom. It should already contain gray text that says "Start Search."

Step 3

As you type, any file names that match what you type should appear in the white box above where you are typing.

Step 4

Click on one of the "Favorites" listings. It should be listed under "Programs" and "Files." The icon should look like an open blue door with a star peeking out of it.

Step 5

Select the favorites you want to e-mail. Do this by holding down "Shift" and selecting with the mouse, if you want to select several in a row, or by holding down "Control" while selecting with the mouse to choose some and not others. Double-click on folders to see favorites you have placed in folders.

Step 6

Right-click on the selected file names and move the mouse pointer to "Send To." Another window should appear.

Step 7

Click on "Mail Recipient." This should open your default e-mail program (Microsoft Outlook, for example) and include the favorites in a new e-mail. Enter the destination e-mail address and send it.

From a New E-mail

Step 1

Find the favorites by searching as described before. Note the location listed in the box at the top of the folder window.

Step 2

Open your e-mail software and create a new e-mail message.

Step 3

Choose to attach files.

Step 4

Use the browse function to find the favorites files that you found before. The location will be listed in a bar at the top of the window that the favorites opened in.

Step 5

Attach the files and send the e-mail.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Explorer

  • E-mail account


These instructions are intended for those using Windows Vista. The process is mostly the same for older operating systems, but some of the names may be different.