How to Send More Than 25 MB in an Email

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Many modern email websites will have a restriction on how large of a file you can attach and send to other people. If you're using an email service that caps the file size at 25 MB, this will severely limit the kinds of files you can send. You can get around this restriction by compressing, or "zipping," files into an archive format before you send them through email. Zipping files will shrink their size while they're inside of the archive file.


Step 1

Download and install WinZip (see Resources). Open the program, and click on the "Home" tab. Browse the folders on your computer that are listed there, and right-click on the file you want to send. Click on "Send select files to." Click "Mail recipient (as zipped attachment)" to activate your email and send the file in a compressed format.


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Step 2

Download and install WinRAR (see Resources). Find the file on your computer that you want to send and right-click on it. Select "Add to Archive." Click "OK." A RAR version of the file appears in a smaller size. You can then attach this to an email and send it off.

Step 3

Download and install 7-Zip (see Resources). Right-click on the file you want to send and select "7-Zip." Select "Add to archive." Select "7Z" as the Archive Format. This is a more compressed format than RAR or ZIP, so it will best help with files that are considerably larger than 25 MB in size.


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