How to Send ZIP Files in Gmail

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ZIP files, a type of compressed file, can be used for uploading, downloading and sending multiple types of files or programs. Compressed ZIPs can be used for text documents, movies, music or many other types of file and can be sent easily as attachments through Gmail.


Step 1

Condense your desired text or music files using a program such as WInRar Archiver or Nero. In these programs, select your files and add them to one folder. Use the compressor to "Convert to ZIP format." Save the file from the archiver to a folder in your computer's library and click "OK."


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Step 2

Open your Gmail account by going to and entering your email address and password.

Step 3

Compose your email with a corresponding message, outgoing e-mail address and subject.

Step 4

Click "Attach a File" above the message section of your email. This will open a browser to search your computer.



Step 5

Find your ZIP file in your library and click "Open." Your file will now appear as an attached document with a paper clip at the bottom of your email message.

Step 6

Click "Send" to send your message and your ZIP file can be easily opened by the recipient of the email by clicking on the file in the message.



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