How to Set the DirecTV Volume Level

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Direc TV provides satellite television programming for your home. It offers exclusive content not available through most cable-television systems, while allowing you to continue to view the local programming you would receive if you did not subscribe to the service. However, none of this programming does you any good if you cannot hear the programs you are watching. Read on to learn how to turn up the volume, so you aren't shelling out all that extra dough each month for a bunch of silent movies without any subtitles.


Step 1

It may sound silly, but try depressing the volume button (listed as VOL) on the Direc TV remote that came with your service. A mistake many new subscribers make is continuing to use their old television remote, which may not be able to operate with the new satellite service. Also press the MUTE button to make sure you were not accidentally the cause of your sudden silence.


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Step 2

If there is no response, go on to the next possibility. You probably need to enter a code for your television on the Direc TV remote, to get it them to communicate properly. These codes should have been provided to you in an instruction booklet that came inside your installation package.

Step 3

If you cannot locate these codes, go to the Direc TV website by following the link in Resources. Click on "Equipment," then "Remote Control Setup." You will be asked to enter the model number for your remote-control device; it's located to the left of the uppermost switch on the remote control itself, and begins with the letters "RC."


Step 4

Enter the brand name of your television set, as well as the model number (if you know it). You will be given a list of five-digit numbers (codes) to try. Set the remote control to "TV," using the slide (the uppermost switch) at the top. Simultaneously press and hold the "Mute" and "Select" buttons until you see the red button on your remote control blink two times. Enter the five-digit code using the numbers at the bottom of the remote-control device.


Step 5

Try again to raise the volume on your TV. If it works, you are set. If not, try the next code on the list. Keep doing so until you find the one that works. Then sit back and enjoy your favorite programs, as loudly or as quietly as you desire.


You may still be able to use your old television remote control to adjust the volume, but it is unlikely you can use it for changing the channel or using any connected DVRs.


Make sure your remote-control slide is all the way to the left or right, or you may see an "error" message on your TV screen.