How to Set Up Rogers Voicemail

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Set up your Rogers voicemail by clicking a few buttons.

Rogers cell phones, smart phones and I-phones are registered and activated by Rogers upon purchase or request. However, the voicemail system needs to be activated by the user once the phone has been activated by Rogers and completely charged. Setting up voicemail on a Rogers phone is simple and can be completed within minutes. You need to have a pen and paper in hand to write down the information and password you choose for the setup and voicemail activation.


Step 1

Call "*98" from the Rogers phone for which you want to set up voicemail. This will bring you into the main setup menu.

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Step 2

Create your voicemail password by punching it in using your phone's keypad. The password needs to be between 4 and 15 digits. The automated assistant will let you know when your password has been recorded.


Step 3

Follow the automated instructions to record a personal message once the password. This is heard by callers when you do not answer your phone. Simply say your name and Rogers can complete the rest of the message for you. Press "#" to complete the recording and "*" to re-record your name.


Step 4

Press "1" to use a prerecorded message from Rogers, or choose to create your own personalized message. At the beep, start recording your own message. Press "#" to stop the recording process. Press "#" again to accept the recording. If you want to re-record the message, press "*".

Step 5

Hang up the phone when done. Your Rogers voicemail has now been installed and set up with your personal password and chosen greeting.