How to Set Up Surround Sound to a Panasonic TV

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While a slim profile may complement a television, it generally detracts from the quality of the speakers. Surround sound is the best way to get the most out of television and movie content. Setting up a surround sound system to a Panasonic television isn't hard, but it will require you to have all of the right equipment. Make sure that you have everything you need before you start and setting up will be a cinch.


Step 1

Look at the back of your Panasonic television and find an audio output. You need to connect an audio output on your TV to an input on your home theater receiver, so look for a compatible digital connection. Not all Panasonic TVs will offer the same connections, so you'll need to verify what is available. For instance, the Panasonic 42TC-PX1 plasma TV features an optical output. Your best options are digital coax or optical. Be sure that the jack is labeled "out" as opposed to "in".


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Step 2

Check your receiver to be sure that it has the same style input as your television.

Step 3

Get the appropriate cable for the connection type that you determined. With your components shut off, plug one end of the cable into the digital output on your Panasonic television and the other end into the input on your receiver.


Step 4

Connect your speakers. Connect each speaker in your surround sound system to the proper, labeled speaker terminals (left, right, and center) on your receiver. Connect one strand of the speaker cable to the positive terminal and one to the negative terminal. Run the opposite cable ends to terminals of like polarity on the speaker and connect accordingly. Connect each speaker this way.



Step 5

Connect the subwoofer (optional) to the LFE or Subwoofer Out terminal on the receiver using an RCA cable.

Step 6

Turn on your television, receiver and subwoofer. Switch the receiver over to the "TV" input that you used to connect the television's audio.


Step 7

Pull up the audio settings menu on your remote control and shut off the Panasonic TV speakers so that the sound is played solely through your surround system. Refer to your television manual for any additional setting changes that may apply.



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