How to Share a Calendar Using Microsoft Outlook

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Sharing a calendar in Microsoft Outlook is a great tool that enables you to share your schedule and information with others in your network. For those who are using Microsoft Outlook or a compatable program, it is easy to view the agendas and timelines of coworkers, family members or friends. You can also give different permissions when sharing your calendar. This will enable people to make changes or schedule appointments or meetings on your calendar, as well as view the information.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Outlook program. On the left-hand side of the screen at the bottom, click on the "Calendar" button. You can also get to this option by going to the top tool bar and clicking on the "Go" tab. Scroll down and choose the "Calendar" option from there.

Step 2

Go to the left-hand side of the screen and click on the "Share My Calendar" link under the "My Calendar" box. The "Share My Calendar" box will pop up. You will have to choose the person's name that you want to share you calendar with. To do this, go to the box labeled "Name", type in the person's name and then click "OK." If the person is in your network, her information should appear on the list. If she is not in your network, you can type in her email address and other contact information at that point. As long as you have the person's email address on your contacts list, you will be able to share your calendar.

Step 3

Choose the permissions that you want the person viewing your calendar to have. You can share you calendar so that the person viewing has a "view only" option. This means that she can see what is going on with your calendar but cannot modify it. Or, you can choose for her to be an editor, allowing her to view, change and schedule meetings on your behalf. This is a good feature for families and/or co-workers.

Step 4

Choose the "Apply" option once you have decided what permissions to give the person you are sharing your calendar with. After you hit "Apply", permission will be given and the name of your calendar will appear on the left-hand side of his screen. He can click on the link to view your calendar side-by-side with his own. This feature is useful when planning meetings or events.

Step 5

Choose the "OK" button to complete the shared calendar process. To change permissions or remove someone from your shared calendar, go back into the "Share My Calendar" option and remove the names of the people with whom you no longer wish to share your calendar. Change the options to reflect the new permissions.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Outlook Program

  • Meetings or Information


If you forget to hit the "Apply" button after you give the permission, your changes will not be saved.