How to Sign In to Gmail

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Gmail is accessible on a mobile phone with a data connection.

Signing in to your Gmail account gives you access to your email messages. Gmail Web-based email functions as most email services do, with the option for users to send and receive email messages, store contacts and organize messages. You can opt to store your Gmail login information when signing in so that you do not need to re-enter it each time you access your email.You can access your Gmail account on a computer or a mobile phone.


Step 1

Open a Web browser window.

Step 2

Click the address bar and enter "" Press the "Enter" key.

Step 3

Enter your Gmail username and password in the indicated fields.

Step 4

Check the "Stay Signed In" box to save your username and password for future logins.

Step 5

Click "Sign In" and wait for your Gmail account to load.

Mobile Phone

Step 1

Press the "Menu" key on your mobile phone and click the "Browser" icon.

Step 2

Click the Web address bar and enter ""

Step 3

Enter your Gmail username and password and click "Sign In."