How to Stream Video From Amazon Prime

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You can stream video from Amazon Prime if you're an account holder with most types of Amazon Prime accounts. Stream from a smartphone or tablet app, video game system, set-top box and some televisions, or stream on the Web with a Windows or Mac computer. Amazon Prime video selections change from month to month, but include a mix of licensed movies, TV shows and original content.


Streaming Eligibility

To watch the thousands of movies, television shows and original content included in Amazon Prime, you must be an eligible Amazon Prime member.

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You need to have a paid membership to Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom or Amazon Student, or a trial membership to Prime or Mom.


Trial memberships to Amazon Student don't allow for streaming video, and you can't stream video if you're an "invited guest" of another Prime member. You can, however, share Amazon Prime video streaming privileges with fellow members of your household in the Amazon Household program.


You also must be located in the United States to stream video.

Streaming Tools

Stream Amazon Prime video from a wide variety of devices, listed on the Prime website.


These include iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire smartphones and tablets, as well as a variety of video game consoles, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

Search for your device on the Prime site and click its icon to install or configure its streaming app.


Streaming from the Web

You can also stream Amazon Prime video from a Windows or Mac computer that has a broadband Internet connection and otherwise meets the service's system requirements.

Step 1

Visit the Amazon Instant Video page and click the Prime Eligible check box to see only material included with your Amazon Prime account.



Unlike some streaming and video download services, Amazon offers both videos that are included with a Prime subscription and videos offered a la carte, which you can buy or rent with or without a Prime subscription. If you don't have a Prime subscription, you can pay per item to stream some content that's included with Prime.

Step 2

Click a genre name to see only material from that genre.


Step 3

Type a title in the search box to find a particular movie or TV show.


Step 4

When you've found a particular title you want to watch, click its cover image.


Step 5

Click the Watch Now button to stream the movie or TV show.