How to Three Way Phone Call on Your Cell Phone

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Three-way calling is available in most mobile plans.

Traditional conference calls require special equipment and multiple lines to connect all parties. Cell phones let you make a three-way conference call without requiring additional equipment. Various personal and professional uses exist for this technology. Instead of spending 20 minutes on the phone telling two people the same thing, you can do it all at once. It also simplifies coordinating a project between team members in different locations.


Step 1

Call the first person you want to speak with. Ask him to wait a moment so you may initiate the second call.

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Step 2

Press the "Send" button on your phone and dial the number of the second person. Ask her to wait a moment so you may connect both parties.


Step 3

Press the "Send" button again to connect all parties. Verify the connection by asking both parties to speak.



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