How to Transfer a Picture From a Cell to a Computer With a USB Cord

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A USB cord is usually included with a cell phone.

Many modern cell phones feature a built-in camera, allowing you to transfer pictures taken with your cell phone to your computer with a USB cord. Transferring the pictures with a USB cord eliminates the need to use your phone's data to upload photos to a media manager. Windows Live Photo Gallery is an easy-to-use application that gives you a way to transfer pictures quickly from a cell phone once it is connected with a USB cord; however, the steps may vary slightly depending on your cell phone.


Step 1

Install Windows Live Photo Gallery on your computer. The software is available to download from the Windows Live website at Installation begins automatically when the download completes.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" key on your cell phone and click "Settings." Click "USB Mass Storage" and enable the feature.

Step 3

Connect the cell phone to the computer with a USB cord.


Step 4

Open "Windows Live Photo Gallery" from the computer's "Start" menu.

Step 5

Click "Import" in the top menu of the application. Click your cell phone's icon in the "Devices" window, then click "Import."

Step 6

Click "Review Organize and Group Items to Import." Check the box next to each picture you want to transfer from your cell phone to the computer.

Step 7

Click "Import" to transfer the pictures to the computer.


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