How to Transfer Music From Your PC to a Samsung Galaxy

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You can listen to your favorite song at any time by transferring your music to the Samsung Galaxy.
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Want to take your digital music collection with you on the road? The Samsung Galaxy smartphone has a music player that supports many music file types. Songs are transferred from the PC to the phone through a USB connection. The only requirements for playing music from your Galaxy is an installed memory card and a compatible music file type.


Storage and File Type Prerequisites

A microSD memory card is required to transfer music from a PC to the Samsung Galaxy. The phone supports up to 16GB memory cards for music and other file storage. The card is installed under the battery cover by sliding it into the memory card holder. In addition to the memory card requirement, you need music that is saved in a compatible file type. The Galaxy supports a variety of music file types, including ARM, MP3, MID, OGG, WAV, IMY, OTA and RTTL.


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The Samsung Galaxy connects to the computer using a micro-USB cable, which is supplied with the phone. You can purchase a replacement cable if the original is lost or damaged, or use one from another electronic device, such as a digital camera. The small end of the cable plugs into the multifunction jack on the top of the phone, and the large end connects to a USB port on your computer. After connecting the cable, you need to adjust the phone's settings so that the computer recognizes the Galaxy as a removable disk drive. To adjust the settings, drag the Status bar down, tap "USB Connected" and then "Mount."


Save Location and Organization

The Galaxy removable disk is listed with the other computer drives in Windows File Explorer. Access the removable disk by clicking the folder icon in the Windows taskbar, clicking "Computer" and then double-clicking "Removable Disk." All of the files and folders on your phone's microSD card are displayed in the window. You can create folders within the Removable Disk window to better organize your music. Right-click an empty space in the window, select "New" and then "Folder." Type a name for the folder, such as "Music," and press "Enter." Within the music folder you can create subfolders based on, for example, album name or music genre, making it easier to later locate your files.



Music files are transferred in the same way that you move any type of file in Windows. The first option is to drag the music files from the computer into the "Music" folder. When using this method, a copy of the song remains on your computer. The second option is to click the file that you want to transfer, and then press "Ctrl-C" to copy it. With this method, you move the song to the phone by opening the "Music" folder and pressing "Ctrl-V." Finally, you can click the song and press "Ctrl-X," which removes the song from your computer. Open the "Music" folder and press "Ctrl-V" to transfer the song. With any of these methods, you can move multiple files at once by holding the "Ctrl" button and clicking all of the files that you want to transfer.