How to Save Video From a Cell Phone

It's convenient to use your cell phone to record video, because you don't need to carry a separate camcorder and you can share your videos without having to convert them from DVD format to AVI or MP4. To save video from your cell phone, you can transfer the files from the phone's memory card to your computer.

Connect Phone to Computer

Step 1

Insert your cell phone's software disc into your computer's disc drive. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the phone's driver (software that allows the phone to communicate with the computer).

Step 2

When prompted, plug the USB cord into your phone, then plug the other end into the USB hub on the tower of your desktop PC or on the side or back of your laptop.

Step 3

Make sure your phone is in file transfer mode so it can connect with the computer. Depending on your model, it may automatically connect or you may have to select this option manually.

Step 4

If your phone's drive does not automatically appear on your computer screen once it is recognized, go to the "Start" menu on your PC, double-click "My Computer," and find the drive labeled with your phone's name, memory or something similar.

Step 5

Locate the folder that holds your phone's videos, which may simply be labeled "Videos." Double-click this folder and you should see the names or thumbnails of the videos you have saved on your phone. Click the maximize/restore button located at the top right corner of the folder to make the folder window smaller.

Save Video to Computer

Step 1

Create or select a folder on your PC where you wish to save your videos. Open the folder and then click the maximize/restore button to make it smaller. Move this folder side-by-side with the phone's video folder.

Step 2

Select the video you wish to save to your compter by left-clicking it once to highlight it. Drag-and-drop the video into your computer's video file by keeping your finger on the left-click button, moving the mouse over the PC's video folder, and letting go. The cell phone video should be copied into your computer's video folder.

Step 3

Save more than one video at a time by left-clicking a file while holding down the "Control" key and keeping it pressed down as you left-click each of the other files you want to save. After you have selected all the videos, drag-and-drop them into the PC video folder, as you would for a single file in Step 2.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone software disc

  • USB cord