How to Send Video Via Bluetooth

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Sending a file through Bluetooth requires a phone that has the option for Bluetooth file-sharing, an option not available on all phones. First make sure that the cell phone or computer used to send the video file has been paired with your phone. Once this is done, the video file you send needs to be properly received on the computer or other cell phone.


Step 1

Go to the main menu for your cell phone. This displays a list of options for your phone. Select the option for "Tools" or "Settings."

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Step 2

Tap or select the option for "Bluetooth Menu" to display a list of options. Tap or select the cell phone or computer that is paired with your phone.


Step 3

Tap or select the option for "Send Video." Scroll through the list of videos that you have stored on your phone.

Step 4

Verify that the computer or cell phone is currently set up to receive a Bluetooth file. Right-click on the "Bluetooth" icon in the taskbar and select the option for "Receive a File." This opens the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.



Step 5

Tap or select the video to transfer from the phone. Select the option for "Accept" on the cell phone or click the "Next" button from the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard to begin receiving the file.




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