How to Transfer Picture From Motorola Phone to Computer

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When you use your Motorola cell phone to take pictures, you often want or need to transfer the picture from your phone to a computer. This is a simple process when you use the Motorola Phone Tools to connect your phone with your computer. Not only can you connect your Motorola phone and your computer for file sharing, but you can also synchronize contacts and calendar data and backup your phone data as well.


Step 1

Visit and purchase the Motorola Phone Tools software if you do not already have a CD with the software. Install the software after purchasing it.

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Step 2

Connect your cell phone and PC with a Bluetooth connection or with a USB cable. Turn your cell phone on and open the Motorola Phone Tools application on your PC.


Step 3

View the opening screen and find the "Transfer Pictures" option. Select this option.

Step 4

Select the location on your PC (the drive, directory and folder) where you want to place the photo. Select the picture on your cell phone that you want to transfer.


Step 5

Click "Transfer to Computer." Wait while the photo transfers and then check to make sure it is there.

Step 6

Disconnect the cell phone and the PC.

Things You'll Need

  • Motorola phone tools

  • Motorola cell phone

  • PC

  • Bluetooth or USB connection


Drag the photo from the mobile phone side of the screen over to the computer side of the screen and drop it where you want it to transfer, if you desire, instead of following steps four and five.