How to Transfer Ringtones From a PC to a Phone

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Many cell phone providers allow users to download ringtones straight to their phones. What if the ringtone you want on your phone is on your PC and this is not a service offered by your cell phone provider? There is a website available that allows users to send ringtones from their computers directly to any telephone number. All you need is the ringtone on your computer and Internet access.


Step 1

Log onto the official Myxer website, found in the Resources section.

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Step 2

Click "Make Your Own," found on the right side of the home page.

Step 3

Select the "Browse" tab found to the right of the empty text box underneath the "Choose a song or image from your computer" heading.


Step 4

Open the folder that contains the ringtone you wish to transfer to your phone.

Step 5

Click on the ringtone file. Make sure that the file name now appears in the text box next to "File name," and then click "Open."



Step 6

Enter your phone number in the text box underneath the "Enter your phone number" heading.

Step 7

Click the green "Send to Phone" box, and the ringtone will be transferred to your cell phone in the form of a text message.


Step 8

Open the message on your phone and save the file. How you save the file as a ringtone will be determined by the type of phone you own. Follow these simple steps and you can transfer any ringtone from a PC to a phone.



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