How to Troubleshoot iPhone Problems

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How to Troubleshoot iPhone Problems. You may encounter technical problems from time to time with your iPhone. As you become familiar with the features of the iPhone, you'll find it much easier to troubleshoot common iPhone problems without needing to take it to a technician.

Step 1

Identify the problem. To know how to troubleshoot an iPhone, you should first identify the problem with the device. Common issues include a frozen screen and failure to turn on and off.


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Step 2

Charge the iPhone. Many issues can be resolved by placing the iPhone on the USB charger. Allow it to fully charge to fix any problems caused by a low battery.

Step 3

Restart the iPhone. If you have a frozen screen, then you can usually eliminate this issue by restarting the mobile device. Hold down the "Sleep" button and then slide it to turn the iPhone off. Press the button again to turn the iPhone back on.


Step 4

Hold down the "Home" button. Pressing down the "Home" button for at least six seconds should get you out of a frozen application.


Step 5

Reset the phone and settings. To reset the phone, hold down the "Home" and "Sleep" buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. To reset your settings, select the "Settings" icon and find the "Reset Settings" option.


Step 6

Get support through the Apple Web site (see Resources below). If you've done basic troubleshooting with the iPhone and still encounter problems, check the Apple site for additional assistance.



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