How to Turn Off Closed Captioning on a Verizon

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Enable closed captioning to read the audio of the program you are watching.

Closed Captioning on Verizon's FIOS television service displays audio from the program you are viewing as text across your TV screen. This is a useful tool if you wish to mute the television but keep track of the program you are watching, or if you have a hearing disability. You can turn closed captioning on or off in a few short steps.


Step 1

Press the * button on your remote. According to Verizon, you can turn closed captioning on or off by simply pressing this button. Some systems do not support this shortcut. Follow the subsequent steps if this step fails.

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Step 2

Press "Menu" and "Settings." on your remote.


Step 3

Select "Accessibility" and "Close Captions."


Step 4

Select "Off" to disable the feature. Press "OK."




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