How to Unblock My Globe SIM Card

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Philippine SIM offers the Globe SIM card. This card lets you keep in touch with your loved ones in the Philippines. An added bonus is that you can use the Globe SIM card from anywhere in the world. Your SIM card is unblocked and ready to use when you receive it in the mail. If you find that it does not work on your phone, it is because your cell phone has a lock. In this case, unlock it from your cell phone provider.


Step 1

Enter the number *#06# in your phone's keypad. Press the "OK" button. This gives you the 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number, which your provider will use to give the unlock code for your specific phone. Write it down and keep it nearby.

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Step 2

Contact your cell phone provider. Ask for an unlock code. Verify your account information and provide the IMEI number. Write down the unlock code.


Step 3

Turn over your cell phone. Remove the protective cover and battery. Insert the Globe SIM card until you hear a snap. This ensures you that the SIM card is in place.


Step 4

Turn on your cell phone. Enter the unlock code and press the "OK" button. Your phone will activate to your provider's network and will let you use the Globe SIM card.




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