How to Unlock a Metro PCS ZTE Phone

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If you own a MetroPCS GSM ZTE phone, you can unlock it manually once you obtain an unlock code. ZTE is relatively unknown in the United States, but it is one of the top mobile phone manufacturers in China. ZTE Corporation also holds the title of the world's sixth largest mobile manufacturer. The company expects to sell 100 million units in 2010, which should make ZTE the fifth largest mobile manufacturer.


Step 1

Contact MetroPCS to obtain an unlock code. If MetroPCS does not provide you with an unlock code, you may purchase or download a code from an online vendor such as or webcrawler, which offers the service free. If you purchase a code online, you must provide your 15 or 17-digit IMEI number , usually located on a white sticker on the battery carriage.


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Step 2

Turn off your ZTE phone and remove the MetroPCS SIM card. The SIM card is in a small slot underneath the battery. Check your model's manual for its exact location and removal directions.

Step 3

Insert a SIM card from another provider into the SIM card slot, making sure the metal connector tabs on the SIM card line up with the metal tabs in the SIM slot.


Step 4

Turn on your ZTE phone and wait for the phone to power on completely.

Step 5

Enter the unlock code using the phone keypad. You phone is now ready to use on any GSM network.

Things You'll Need

  • IMEI number

  • Unlock code


The unlocking steps here only work on a GSM phone.

If you purchase an unlock code online, look for a company that provides a money-back guarantee.

Make sure you enter the correct code. Entering the code incorrectly too many times will permanently disable your phone.