How to Unlock a Verizon Cell Phone

When you lock your cell phone, you can no longer make outbound calls from the phone. It's a security feature in case someone steals your phone. If your phone is locked you can still receive telephone calls, and if you need to make an emergency 911 call the phone is available for that purpose. The problem occurs when you lock the phone by accident and don't remember how to unlock it. You can unlock a Verizon cell and find the screen to change your security code or make restrictions on locking.

Verizon cell phones can be tricky to unlock.

Unlocking Verizon Cell Phones

Step 1

Unlock the cell phone by first hitting the center button marked OK to pull up the different tasks for the phone. This normally opens up with the contact menu showing.

Step 2

Push on the right arrow twice to move the highlighted area from contacts to settings and tools. Press the OK button in the center of your navigation circle. This also brings up another menu.

Step 3

Scroll down the menu and highlight number 6, "Phone Settings." Click on the center OK button.

Step 4

Look at the new menu that shows once you clicked on it. Find the section marked security. It's number 5 on some phones and number 4 on others. Press OK to brings up a screen to enter your security code. If you haven't changed your code, it's the last four digits of your phone number.

Step 5

Click OK and enter your code. It brings up a security screen where you can edit codes, create restrictions and turn the phone lock on and off. Highlight the area by moving the highlighter down to number 3: "Phone Lock Settings." Press OK. If you want to change your code.

Step 6

Select the line that says "Unlock" by moving your curser to that line, normally the top one. Push OK and you've unlocked your Verizon cell.

Step 7

Create restrictions for Verizon cell phones: use the restriction button to block incoming calls or outgoing calls except emergencies. Edit the codes by clicking on the first selection of the security section labeled edit code and make it any 4-digit number you choose.