How to Unlock My Boost Mobile Phone

When a Boost mobile phone is locked, everything is inaccessible. You can't successfully conduct an ESN / MSID change to have your number programmed into the phone. Therefore, you cannot make or accept calls, send messages, or access any of the phone's features. But luckily for you, there is an effective way to easily unlock your phone so you can have full usage of it.

Step 1

Purchase and download the Boost mobile unlocking software. (See Resources for link.) Click on the "Save" action when the Boost Mobile unlock software file download window opens. This enables you to save the software to your computer's hard drive.

Step 2

Connect your Boost mobile phone to your computer. Plug the phone's USB cable into the phone's A/C adapter port and into the computer's USB inlet port. When the AutoPlay window opens for the Boost mobile phone, close the window to bypass the options.

Step 3

Open the Boost mobile unlocking software application. When the application opens, your phone's make and model number are generated based on the USB connection.

Step 4

Change the phone settings according to your Boost mobile phone. Click on the "Phone Settings" tab on the right side of the application screen, and select the IDEN option in the drop-down menu.

Step 5

Enter your username and password to validate your phone settings. Click on the "Username and Password" tab above the "Phone Settings" tab. Once you have purchased the boost mobile unlock software, your username and password codes are emailed to you. Type this username and password into the data forms provided.

Step 6

Click on the "Unlock IDEN" action to connect the phone to the Boost mobile server, and unlock your cell phone.


Regardless of what mobile carrier you have, unlock codes must be purchased for a locked phone to be accessible.


If the phone is blacklisted, there is no way to unlock it. Blacklisted cell phones are those that have been reported to the Boost mobile carrier as lost or stolen items. This action is taken to protect the owner of the phone.

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