How to Update Realtek Driver

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The Realtek driver controls your sound card in your desktop or laptop computer. Because technology advances so quickly, errors with audio can occur even when your driver appears to be functioning properly. To avoid problems, you should update your Realtek driver for your sound card regularly. Since Windows updating does not always detect Realtek drivers, you should learn how to do this manually.

Locating Sound Card Information

Step 1

Click "Start" on your computer's desktop task bar, then click "All Programs" and then choose "Accessories" from the menu.

Step 2

Select "System Tools" from the drop down menu and scroll down to "System Information." On the side menu, click "System Information." You will then get a screen that gives you another menu and a window with your system summary information.

Step 3

Click "Components" from the left side menu and then select "Sound Device" from the "Multimedia" section. This brings up the window to tell you what the make and model of your sound card is.

Updating Realtek Driver

Step 1

Download the driver for your specific model. You can choose to download from the Realtek website or another website of your choice. Choose the "Save As" or "Save to File" option instead of the "Run" option. When downloading is complete, make sure to note the file location for the driver.

Step 2

Download a removal tool that removes all traces of drivers that you have uninstalled. Leftover traces of drivers can cause system instability.

Step 3

Uninstall the existing driver from your computer. Click "Start" then choose "Control Panel" and "Add/Remove Programs." Select your driver model from the program list and click "Remove" or "Uninstall." Confirm your action by clicking "Yes."

Step 4

Restart your computer in Safe Mode when the removal is complete. This will ensure that you do not damage any aspects of your computer while you are updating the Realtek driver. Start your removal tool program.

Step 5

Restart your computer again, in "Normal Mode." Close the "Found New Hardware" wizard. Open the folder where the driver download is located and right-click it. Select the option to scan with your anti-virus or anti-malware program. When this is finished, you can double-click the driver installation file.


Imbacore recommends that you turn off your anti-virus program after you have scanned the download file to prevent the anti-virus settings from causing problems with the driver installation.

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