How to Update the Software for Moultrie's Trail Camera

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Moultrie cameras are designed to help track game.

Moultrie's Game Spy trail cameras are designed to help hunters and wildlife enthusiasts keep track of the movements and habits of game animals. The company produces a range of different models, from infrared scouting cameras to flash digital game cameras that can be controlled from a PC-based management utility. Moultrie provides software updates on its website that can be download and transferred to your camera by disk.


Step 1

Navigate to the Moultrie game camera software updates page on the company's website.

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Step 2

Look at the sticker on the inside of the camera's door to confirm its model number.

Step 3

Click on your camera's model number to proceed to the download page.


Step 4

Click on the link to download your update and unzip the file.

Step 5

Connect your SD card reader to your PC and copy the software upgrade to an empty SD card. The method for doing so will vary depending on the reader you're using, but you should be presented with a dialog box from which you should select the option to view the disk's contents. An empty explorer window will be displayed into which you can drag your update to write it to disc.



Step 6

Insert the SD card into the camera's SD slot and position the camera's power switch in the "Aim" position.

Step 7

Press the "Up" button and then "OK" to install the upgrade. When the upgrade is complete, your camera will display the message "Upgrade OK!"



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