How to Upload PDFs to Tumblr

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Tumblr doesn't give you the option to upload your files to their servers and then share them on your blog. To overcome this limitation and post PDF files or Word documents on Tumblr, you need to host the files online first. Many online storage services can host your files for free.

Hosting the Files Online

Upload PDF and Word documents to one of the cloud storage providers. Most services, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, generate permanent links to your files. Copy the link to the file, and then post it on Tumblr.


Free services usually restrict the maximum size of the file; many services also impose a storage limit on free users. Upgrade to a premium account to lift the limits.

Google Drive

If you have a Google account, you can use Google Drive to store your PDFs and Word documents online and then share them on Tumblr. Don't forget to change the sharing settings so that other people can view and download the documents.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is integrated in Windows 8.1 so you can upload and share your files easily. You can, for example, send documents to OneDrive directly from Microsoft Office. Anyone with a Microsoft account can host documents on OneDrive. Make sure to change the file permissions to allow others to view and download the documents.


Create a Dropbox Basic account to use the service for free. After you register and log in to Dropbox, you can upload your PDFs and Word documents and then share the files on Tumblr.

Sharing PDFs and Word Documents on Tumblr

Step 1

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Log in to Tumblr and then click the Text button on the dashboard to start a new text post.


If you want to share only the link without providing a detailed description or adding images or other elements to the post, click the Link button on the dashboard.

Step 2

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Type a title for the new post, type the text you want your audience to see and insert any additional elements you'd like to include with the PDF — images and videos, for example.


To insert images, videos, GIFs and horizontal lines, click an empty line, or press Enter, and then click the plus button that displays to the left of the line.

Step 3

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Highlight the text you want to act as a hyperlink — people click it to navigate to the document — and then click the Link button in the toolbox that displays above the selected text.

Step 4

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Type or paste the URL you obtained from the online storage service into the box and then click Done to create the hyperlink. Click Post to post the update on your Tumblr blog.


  • To copy the URL to the clipboard, select it and press Ctrl-C. Paste it inside the Link box on Tumblr by pressing Ctrl-V.
  • To make the link text stand out, select it and click the Bold button on the toolbox that appears above the text.
  • You can schedule posts on Tumblr if you want the system to post them on the blog at a later date and time.


PDFs and Word documents can contain copyrighted content. It may be illegal to distribute copyrighted content without the author's approval by sharing it on Tumblr.