How to Upload Photos to Shutterfly

By Shea Laverty

When it comes to uploading photos, Shutterfly gives you no shortage of options. Which option works best for you depends primarily on how you manage your photos outside of Shutterfly. With two browser-based upload options, three mobile apps, Share site blogs and support for three desktop photo editing and management apps, the hardest part about uploading your pics to Shutterfly might be picking a method.

Browser-Based Uploaders

Shutterfly has two separate upload tools for adding pictures on the Shutterfly website. The standard uploader requires Flash but uploads in batches. Click **Choose Files** and select files from the **Open** window. Select multiple files using the **Ctrl** or **Shift** keys, click **Open** to add them to the list and click **Start** to begin uploading. The Flash-free One-by-One Uploader works in a similar fashion, but offers only 10 individual upload slots at a time.

Mobile Apps

Shutterfly also has apps available for Android, iPhone and iPad. These apps enable you to upload the photos stored on the phone's drive to your Shutterfly account, as well as to order prints and other items directly from your phone. To upload, launch the Shutterfly app, select **Upload**, and then choose which photos to upload or select **Upload All.**

iPhoto Plugin

Mac users can add the ability to upload directly to Shutterfly from iPhoto by installing the Shutterfly Export Assistant for iPhoto plugin. To install the plugin, close iPhoto and download and run the [installer]( The on-screen installation wizard walks you through the process. Once the plugin is installed, select photos or events in iPhoto, followed by **File**, **Export** and finally **Shutterfly**. Sign in, configure the options as you like and click **Export** to begin uploading.

Shutterfly Share Sites

To add Photos to a Shutterfly Share site, select the desired site from the Share site list. If you don't have one built, click **Make a Free Site** to start building one. Once you're on your site, click the **Pictures & Videos** tab followed by **Click to add pictures from Shutterfly** or **Upload new pictures**. **Upload new pictures** enables you to select and upload pictures from your computer, Shutterfly account, other Share sites, ThisLife, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Picasa and Photoshop Upload

Both Google's Picasa and Adobe's Photoshop Elements feature integrated Shutterfly uploading. For Picasa, select the **Shop** icon from Picasa, then select **Shutterfly** and sign into your Shutterfly account. From there, select the pictures you want to upload. For Photoshop Elements, open the picture in Elements and click **File** followed by **Online Services** and **Shutterfly**. The on-screen prompts walk you through the upload process.