How to Import Facebook Photos to Mac iPhoto

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You can copy your Facebook photos to view in iPhoto on your Mac.

If you have uploaded photos to your Facebook account, you might want to later import these images into iPhoto on your Mac. Facebook account members can upload photos from any computer when they sign in to their account. The images remain on Facebook's server, so you can view the photos from any computer. If you prefer to have a copy of your photos on your Mac, you can easily download them from Facebook and import them into iPhoto, the free photo management application that Apple installs on every Mac.


Step 1

Click "Safari" on the Mac's Dock to launch Apple's native Web browser, navigate to the Facebook website ( and sign in to your Facebook account.

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Step 2

Click "Account" at the top of the page, and then click "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu. Click "Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data." This causes Facebook to create a zip file of all your uploaded material, including text, videos and photos. You cannot pick and choose what goes in to the zip file.


Step 3

Click the "Download" button, and then click "Download" once more in the "Request My Download" window. Facebook sends an email to the address you have on file with Facebook, letting you know when the zip file is available for you to download.

Step 4

Click "Mail" on the Dock to launch Apple's native email application, or launch your preferred email application. Open the Facebook email and click the link to access the "Download Your Information" page on Facebook.


Step 5

Enter your password in Facebook's "Verify Password" text field. Click "Continue." Click "Download Now." The zip file downloads to your Mac's Downloads folder.

Step 6

Double-click the "Downloads" folder to open it, then double-click the zip file from Facebook to expand it, revealing the folder containing your Facebook photos.



Step 7

Click "iPhoto" on the Dock.

Step 8

Click "File," and then click "Import to Library." A dialog box appears. Click the Facebook photos folder that you unzipped in the downloads folder, and then click "Import." The Facebook photos import into iPhoto.

Step 9

Click "Last Import" under "Recent" in the left pane of the iPhoto window to see your imported Facebook photos.

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