How to Upload Pictures From an iPhone

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You can easily upload pictures from your iPhone to your computer.

iPhones are the ultimate multitasking device. Camera, cell phone, email device, Web browser, texter, alarm clock—you name it—the iPhone has it as part of the package. Using the iPhone's camera feature is a handy way to take quick pictures on the go. While the iPhone doesn't have a flash, you can take great pictures with it. Transferring the pictures from your iPhone to your computer is reasonably quick and fun.


Step 1

Turn on the iPhone and touch the "Camera" icon. Take as many pictures as you wish.

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Step 2

Attach your iPhone to your computer using the supplied connector cord.

Step 3

Wait for a computer icon to pop up letting you know the pictures are ready for uploading. The system automatically connects for you. There is no special upload icon to click. Name your picture folder, if prompted.


Step 4

Wait while the pictures upload to your computer.

Step 5

Delete pictures from the iPhone if you need to save storage space. You can set the camera to delete as a default whenever you upload photos.


If an icon indicating your pictures are ready for uploading does not appear, click on My Computer and find the external device drive. Make sure the iPhone is recognized as an external drive.


Do not delete pictures from your iPhone until you have gone into your computer and viewed the pictures. Make sure the upload was successful before deleting.