How to Upload Pictures on Tumblr

By Paul Higgins

In addition to text and video posts, you can post pictures for your Tumblr blog followers of your own artwork or of your latest trip abroad. Create a photo post on Tumblr by clicking the **Photo** icon at the top of your blog.

Step 1

Click the **Photo** icon at the top of your Tumblr blog.

Step 2

Select a photo to upload by clicking the **Upload Photos** icon. Alternatively, click **Add Photo From Web** to enter a link to an image hosted on another website.

Step 3

Enter a caption in the text field. While captions are optional, they provide context for the picture or credit its author.

Step 4

Add tags to your post. Tags -- while optional -- help users find posts related to specific topics and can bring additional traffic to your blog.

Step 5

Click **Post** to finish uploading the photo to your blog. Alternatively, click the **arrow** next to **Post** if you want to save the post as a draft or publish the photo at a later time using Tumblr's **Scheduled posts** feature.

Tips & Warnings

  • In addition to uploading photos to your blog, Tumblr lets you add inline pictures to text posts. To insert an inline image, add a line break to your text post and click the camera icon to select a file on your computer.
  • Click the Add Another icon to add more photos to your post and create a photoset. You can add up to 10 photos to a photoset.
  • Ask permission from the author before posting an image you did not create.
  • Picture files you upload to Tumblr should be smaller than 10MB and in the JPG or PNG format.

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