How to Use a Cell Phone as a TV Remote

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Control your televison with a cell phone.

Newer cell phones have many applications that can be used to control other electronics or devices--including a television. This feature is not available on most cell phones, but can come in really handy if you frequently lose your television remote or are just looking for a way to condense technology into one gadget. This task isn't hard to accomplish, but having your television codes and cell phone user manual will help this go a lot faster.


Step 1

Download the application, available for iPhone through the App store. Open iTunes on your computer, choose "iTunes Store" toward the left of the screen, and then choose "App Store." Type "Remote Control" into the search bar and choose the application that will work best for you and your phone. If you own a BlackBerry, chances are you already have this application downloaded or available on your phone.


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Step 2

Connect your phone to your computer. Select "My Devices" in the iTunes program, "Applications" and check the box next to the applications you just downloaded. In the lower righthand corner, choose the "Sync" button in the program window and wait for the application to be transferred to your iPhone.


Step 3

Obtain the television programming code from your cell phone user manual. You can't use just any code; each make or model has a different code used to program a television.

Step 4

Locate the "Menu" button on the front of the television next to the "Power" button and press it. Then select the "TV Remote" under the "Menu" screen.



Step 5

Point your cell phone toward the television set and type in the programming code and choose "OK" when finished.

Step 6

Press the "Power" button on the remote control. If done correctly, the TV should turn off. Locate the "TV Controls" button on your cell phone and a remote control will appear on the screen of your cell phone.

Step 7

Press the buttons on the screen of your cell phone to change channels, adjust volume, and power your television on and off.



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