How to Use a Check to Purchase a Cash Card Online

By Neal Litherland

Cash cards, or pre-paid cash cards, work similarly to a credit card. However, the card only has the amount of money that you have transferred onto it. So, if you buy a pre-paid cash card for $50, then the card will buy up to $50 worth of stuff. You can purchase these cards online, but if you don't have a credit card then you may need to use a check to purchase your pre-paid check card.

Step 1

Find a website selling pre-paid cash cards that accepts checks as a form of payment. If you want to use the card for a specific purpose then you could buy a gift card for a certain business, but if the card is meant for general use then you'll want to buy a general use Visa or Mastercard pre-paid cash card.

Step 2

Fill out the purchase information. You'll need to have a blank check because you're going to input the routing number for your bank, which is the far left number on the bottom of your check, and the check number. You'll also need to fill out the appropriate dollar amount that you want put on the cash card. Some are sold in pre-generated amounts and others will let you select the amount yourself.

Step 3

Write "VOID" in big, capital letters across your check once the purchase has been made. This stops you or anyone else from attempting to fill out and use that check for anything else.

Step 4

The company will mail you your cash card. The debit will come out of your account more quickly than a normal check, so keep that in mind before you purchase your card.

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