How to Use a Headset Microphone

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Use a Headset Microphone

Headsets with microphones have become a popular part of many people's daily lives. These headsets integrate with video games to allow for communication with other players on your team, and are used on computers to take advantage of free long distance conversations. Using a headset microphone is easy and requires no special skills.


Step 1

Buy a microphone headset that corresponds to the device you will use. If you want to use the headset while playing video games, for example, buy a headset designed for your game console. If you will use the headset on the computer, buy a model that is made for computers. Pay close attention so you do not find yourself with a headset that will not plug in where you need it.


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Step 2

Examine the plug on the headset to determine where to plug it in. This is mostly a necessity if the microphone headset will be used on a computer, where some headsets may have traditional stereo plugs and others may have USB. If your headset is powered by a USB connection, plug it into an available USB port. If it uses stereo plugs, plug the green plug into the speaker port and the pink/red plug into the microphone port.


Step 3

Put the headset on the same way you would wear a normal set of headphones. It does not matter if the microphone is on the left or right side of your head. After the headphones are on, lower the mic boom so that that the microphone is positioned directly in front of your mouth.


Step 4

Locate the volume control on the speaker wire of the headset. Somewhere along the wire will be a volume control for the headset. Check the controls to make sure the volume is turned up and the microphone is not set on mute. If you are using the headset on a computer, repeat the steps with the computer's volume control (under Control Panel) to make sure settings are correct in both places.


Step 5

Launch the application that you intended to use the microphone headset on. Start a conversation with someone and test to see if you can hear them and if they can hear you. There is nothing more to do except talk like normal.



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