How to Use a PC Camera

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Webcams (PC cameras) are simple devices that allow you to video chat with family and friends on popular instant messaging programs such as Skype, AIM, Windows Messenger and Yahoo! As technology advances, many webcams improve on visual quality and audio playback. Instead of just typing words, they allow you to be creative and silly to make for good conversations. Webcams are so easy to use, once you install its necessary drivers, it's excitement all the way.


Get Ready to Webcam

Step 1

Insert the installation disc that comes with your webcam (PC camera) and follow the instructions to install the drivers. This varies with different models and manufacturers.

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Step 2

Connect the USB cable attached to your webcam to an open USB port on your computer when prompted to by your installation disc.


Step 3

Place the webcam on top of your monitor and maintain a distance of about three feet at most. This ensures that you remain in frame and the camera stays in focus.


Step 4

Adjust the angle of the webcam so that the lens and the built-in microphone are facing you. Adjust your desktop speaker to face you for proper audio playback.

Step 5

Launch the messenger program you like to use and begin video chatting with your family and friends.



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