How to Use a Phone As a Bluetooth Speaker

By Diana Prince

As one of the most widely used technologies for mobile devices, Bluetooth WPAN technology is basically a cable-replacement technology, with the aim of offering users more convenience and ease of use by connecting devices wirelessly rather than with cables. With this short-range technology, you can "pair" a Bluetooth device and your cell phone, allowing you to use your phone as a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone.

Step 1

Charge the Bluetooth headset. Although some manufacturers sell their Bluetooth devices with a full battery, you should still try charging the device before using it, to ensure it has full power.

Step 2

Turn the device on and switch it to "Pairing Mode," which involves either holding down the power button or turning a switch on the device on, depending on the particular model you have; refer to the instructions to be sure.

Step 3

Access the "Settings" menu on your cell phone and turn it to "Discovery Mode," which allows the phone to search for active Bluetooth devices within a 10 m range.

Step 4

Click "Search for a New Device" or "Add a New Device" and wait for the results to appear. You should see a listing for your Bluetooth device after a few seconds.

Step 5

Select your Bluetooth device from the list and click "OK" to wirelessly connect the two devices. The devices should now be "paired," and every time you turn both devices on in the future, they should connect automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may be required to enter a password before a connection can be made between the two devices. The default password for Bluetooth devices is "0000"; refer to the instructions to be sure.
  • When the battery is running low on one or both devices, this can prevent you from establishing a connection. Charge the batteries as needed, to ensure they both have a strong charge and can connect quickly.
  • If you are having issues connecting your devices, check with your service provider to ensure your cell phone is Bluetooth-compatible.