How to Use an All-in-One Fax Machine Without a Landline

By David Ferris

Fax machines, once standard equipment in every office and many homes, still serve a function even though other communications technology has eclipsed them. Fax machines require a land line telephone to transmit data. If you don't have a land line, an all-in-one fax machine remains handy for its other purposes. You can use the machine to scan, make copies and print.

Step 1

Use the machine to make black and white copies as if you were using a stand-alone photocopier.

Step 2

Make color copies of documents, if your machine permits color copying. Color photocopies are ideal for formal presentations, business reports or other materials that benefit from a professional touch.

Step 3

Use the machine to can scan copies of your documents, then save them onto your hard drive and transfer them via e-mail attachment. This way, your all-in-one fax machine can still function indirectly as a two-way communications device even without a land line.

Step 4

Use the machine as a printer. Send your documents from your computer to the fax machine and select the machine's "print" button once the document has been transferred.

Step 5

Sign up for a service like eFax, a type of online fax/email hybrid. You can link your machine to a cable modem or DSL and send and receive faxes.