How to Use ATM Cards to Shop Online

Using your debit card to shop online can be safe and convenient as long as you do so securely. Learn how to purchase items online with your card while keeping your financial information safe.

Using Your Debit Card Online

Step 1

Most websites use a checkout process that includes steps to enter your contact, shipping and billing information. If your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard symbol, it can be used on websites that accept those credit cards.

When you are ready to purchase, click Checkout or the website's equivalent option. Some sites may use Finish Shopping or Done. Some websites have options for members to log in or to create an account, or to shop as a guest. Choose the best option and click Continue.


If you plan to shop at the website often, creating an account saves time during the checkout process for future orders.

Step 2

Enter your billing information, including your name, contact info and address. If your shipping information is the same as your billing address, click Ship to this Address. If you are purchasing a gift or your mailing address is different from your billing address, choose Ship to Different Address. You'll be directed to a Shipping section to enter the shipping information. When finished, click Continue.


Some sites have an option to click if the purchase is a gift. This can be used if you plan to ship to a different recipient without sharing the invoice or billing information.

Step 3

Most of the time if you order online, the purchase will be shipped to you. Choose your shipping method and click Continue.


Some companies or stores allow in-store pickup for local purchases, but you'll still need to complete the address information for billing.

Step 4

When the website prompts you to enter your payment info, select Credit Card to pay with your debit card.

In the pop-up, make sure you have a secure connection and then enter your debit card information exactly as it is on your card. Your card number is the 16-digit card number on the front of the card. Enter the expiration date in the format shown on the form. Find your Card Verification Value (CVV), a four-letter code, on the back of your card and enter it in the box. Click Save. On the payment information section, click Continue to proceed. Review your order for accuracy and click Done or the website's equivalent option. Some websites use Pay Now or Complete Order.


A secure connection means that the data is encrypted before it's sent to the server to protect the information from hackers. The padlock icon and "https" in front of the website address indicate a secure connection.

Keeping Your Information Safe

Always check that the website has a secure connection before entering personal information. If you don't see the padlock icon or "https" in front of the website address, your information won't be encrypted and could be accessible to hackers.

Always avoid using public Wi-Fi to make purchases. If you don't need a password to access the Internet, others may be able to see the information you enter.

Although it may save time to have your browser store your debit card information, if your computer is stolen, the thief can use the browser to make purchases with the saved information. Avoid saving sensitive data and use a password to protect laptops and other connected devices in case of theft.